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Over 2000 stories of transformation.

Case studies from The Property Game Tribe students.

Our students invest in Student Accommodation, Capital Flips, Multi-Let, Airbnb, Rent-To-Rent, Cash Flowing Properties and Residential Developments. Browse case studies and stories of success below.

Our Directors

Meet Milan Milosevic, an extraordinary Serbian entrepreneur, property investor, and renowned international speaker. With a burning passion for empowering others, he co-founded the illustrious enterprise, Riches and Beyond, which serves as a beacon of knowledge and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

A true visionary, Milan also founded Millionaire Speakers, a distinguished group comprising top-tier entrepreneurs committed to sharing their invaluable insights and experiences with the world.

CEO and Founder of Riches and Beyond. Professional property investor, Property mentor, International speaker, Residential property developer and Entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieving financial freedom.

Sylvia is the driving force behind Riches and Beyond, a thriving wealth creation and education business in South Africa. She empowers students through diverse funding options and equips them with 15 powerful property strategies.

Under her leadership, the company has impacted over 50,000 students, achieving remarkable results with property developments, commercial deals, and funding exceeding R1 billion.

Meet Dunisani Manganyi, an illustrious property investor, crypto expert, and esteemed wealth coach hailing from the vibrant lands of South Africa. As a co-founder of the esteemed enterprise, Riches & Beyond, he has dedicated himself to empowering individuals on their journey to financial liberation through property investment and cryptocurrency ventures.

Leading by example, he also assumes the role of Managing Director at SkyhighX Properties, a renowned residential property development company.

About The Tribe

50 000+ students, R1+ billion raised for student deals, and many lives changed forever through property! The Property Game Tribe have partnered up with South African top residential and commercial developers and created The Property Game Tribe a program that already changed lives of many people in South Africa and is on the path to becoming international.

Our own TV Show The Property Game on DSTV 176 where our students share their success stories and strategies is there to show you that even people with no money, employment or any properties can still invest in property.

The Property Game Tribe is our another powerful platform created to assist you on your property journey to success and empower people with education. It is about building wealth but also about the knowledge that there is so much more out there than just money. Legacy, financial freedom, taking your life in your hands and finally have a control of your destiny by not depending on anyone but yourself.

Finally here is the platform accessible to anyone with a direct access to powerful property education from top SA mentors and industry experts. From total beginners and regular home owners and entrepreneurs to people willing to grow their existing property portfolio.

The Property Game Tribe was developed with the expertise and experience of active professional property specialists. This is a unique tool which assist the average persons transition from being stuck in the rat race or a state of lack to “purpose discovery” that leads to “personal mastery” & financial success. Learn. Network. Grow. You can be our next success story!