Khetha Mthimkhulu

Town Planning Instructor

Khethukuthula Mthimkhulu is a talented Town and Regional Planner with a passion for creating sustainable urban environments. He has dedicated her career to helping shape the cities and towns of the future.

As a Town and Regional Planner at Terraplan Gauteng, Khethukuthula is responsible for designing and implementing land use plans and policies that take into account the unique needs of communities and the environment. His work focuses on creating sustainable, livable spaces that enhance the quality of life for all residents.

Khethukuthula is determined to use his expertise and experience to improve the urban landscape of the country. He is an inspiration to young professionals who are passionate about town and regional planning, and his dedication to the industry is unwavering.

Khetha's main course:

Town Planning

The Town Planning module focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of urban planning and development.