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From Zero to R60 million development in two years!

Mulalo managed to raise funds for a R60 million development and 90 units in less than two years!

Eddy and Emily have done two multi-let deals!

These two multi-lets are now adding a “third income” to their household, which allows them to live a more financially independent life.

Sweleni source deals full time!

Her strategy is sourcing deals for other property investors who had the means to invest, but not the time. She does this without using her own money!

7 deals in 6 months!

Doris left the high paying corporate world for full time property investing. In her first six months of investing in property, she concluded seven deals successfully.

23 yrs old invest in multi-let!

Thapelo started his property investment journey at the age of twenty-three, where he acquired his first multi-let which cash flowed from day one.

First time investor invest in cash-flowing properties!

Our Student Jeff achieved success with his first property investment deal, and is now applying the same strategy in every property investment deal to bring him closer to his financial goals.

Julia invest in cash-flowing student accommodation!

Our student Julia today owns her own student accommodation that cash flows from day one, and it has freed up her time so that she can spend more time with her family.

Nkateko invest in rent to rent and Airbnb strategy!

Nkateko is now generating a monthly income from her 17 Airbnb properties, which supplements her monthly income.

Sharon makes profit with capital flips!

Sharon specialises in capital flips, has done quite a few and now shares her story to inspire others.

Tendai buys properties at the auction!

She buys properties below market value, which allows her to take equity out of the deal, and still have a positive cash flow rental income every month.

Couple invest in students accommodation!

Together they invest in student accommodation and are now cookie cutting the same strategy with more student accommodations in the area.